The Great PancakeSwap Reverse-Migration?

Where were you on Friday, April 23rd at 5:00 AM UTC?

Most people were probably right in the middle of a nice REM cycle staring at the back of their eyelids, then there were the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed folks anxiously waiting to move their LPs from PancakeSwap V1 over to V2.

The yetis were the latter, and as you probably saw things with Blizzard were moving swimmingly. The devs were prepared, composed, and it was like watching the New York Symphony Orchestra conduct a well-rehearsed ballad. Contracts being upgraded, code being distributed, relayers being connected, and it was absolutely amazing to see.

Blizzard was one of the first projects to get their V2 pools live and running after the PancakeSwap migration. Even with short notice, the team was able to pull together their resources and strive ahead through adversity to provide you with one of the fastest migrations on Binance Smart Chain.

Sometimes we have to roll with the punches and that is exactly what happened shortly after we finished the native Blizzard pools V2 migration. It was brought to the community’s attention by AlphaFinanceLab of a possible compatibility issue with the new router and IP implementation on PancakeSwap.

What does this mean?

This means that the PancakeSwap migration will be set back by 24 hours or so, according to PancakeSwap’s official statement.

What does this mean for you as a Blizzard user?

If you added liquidity to V2, you will need to remove it. However, if you are currently staking in the V2 liquidity pools you will continue to receive rewards up until 2:30 PM UTC.

After this point, users will need to switch to the old V1 pools by breaking your V2 LPs and creating V1 LPs on PancakeSwap. You will then be able to stake on V1 LPs on Pancake.

We feel you Jon Snow…

This is the latest update from PancakeSwap:

From PancakeSwap:

We’re back on Step 2 of the migration.

NOW: You need to: Remove liquidity from any failed V2 LPs you already migrated.

SOON: New exchange will go live, you’ll be able to start adding liquidity to pairs again (no rush)

SOON: At step 5, we will start switching from the old farms to the new ones.

If you slept through the madness and are still staking in V1, you won’t have to do anything! You can stay put and wait for future directives.

If you were a V2 eager beaver, this is slightly different for you. You will need to re-migrate back to V1 if you are staking in the V2 pools. ($XBLZD-$BNB + $XBLZD-BUSD).

When you have to go back to V1

Do we think this is what they call the great reverse-migration?

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and unfortunately, this entire migration process has been out of Blizzard’s control. What we can control is our continued communications and updates with our community and our attitudes.

We will approach the ongoing adversity with a positive and optimistic mindset and as always we will be a reliable source for more directives and information regarding these matters.

What are the plans for Blizzard.Money?

We are really at the mercy of PancakeSwap, and we don’t plan on rushing into anything until systems have been proven to operate at a nominal level on their end. As it stands we are reverting back to V1 pools at 2:30 PM UTC on Blizzard.

Our goal is to remain nimble and fast-acting, but we want to keep security at the forefront of everything we do. Our plan is to remain transparent with the ongoings of the PancakeSwap migration so that we can continue to provide you with one of the best yield farms on BSC.

We appreciate your patience through this entire process and look forward to continuing to build our SnowBank and $GALE token in the very near future after we make it through this time together.

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