Blizzard v2 — The Yeti-ing

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, yeti of all ages.

We have heard your cries.

We have collected hundreds of messages from Twitter and Telegram.

And we agree with you.

Crunchy peanut butter IS better than smooth peanut butter! Wait, no, that’s not right.

Ah yes, here it is.

Ok, what’s really going on?

Any new yield farm will have difficulties ramping up and maintaining price stability. When we first launched Blizzard, we knew we had the support of many BSC OGs in the ecosystem. But we had no idea we would reach $70 million in TVL and have a token worth over $150. Those were goals for maybe month 3 of our projected roadmap.

First of all, you are all fantastic, and we appreciate everyone in our social media channels giving us praise or offering constructive criticism. Because WE want this project to succeed as much as YOU do!

So what now, Yeti?

We have put our development team, leadership team, and even social media interns to work to figure out how to best optimize our project for longevity and price stability. As such, we are fast-tracking our already ambitious plans to completely revamp our platform while still keeping the long-term vision and laser focus we have been incorporating.

Here’s our solution.

First off, we are tackling inflation head-on. Our upcoming platform will incorporate BLZD freezing them from the get-go. We will accomplish this by adapting existing vault strategies with a twist. Yes, we are putting the deposited assets to work rather than just sitting in a MasterChef contract. To the best of our knowledge, this has never been done before!

Instead of compounding yield earned into the deposited asset, we are swapping the yield for BLZD. Then the BLZD is frozen (burnt). Check out this flowchart:

For the end-user, everything still operates as before and they receive their regularly-scheduled yields. This backend strategy effectively reduces the circulating supply over time. Additionally, we are lowering the block reward to 1 BLZD, which now includes team/project emissions. The new farm emissions for users will reduce to 0.912 per block.

Now, our current MasterChef contract won’t allow us to do this, so we’ll need to migrate over to new smart contracts and a version 2 of the Blizzard token.

But I hate change!

Change is difficult, and we know that deep in our yeti bones. But instead of just sitting on our hands, we are bringing stability to the platform. Through the migration, we will be more sustainable and institute a soft cap or governor on our inflation from the get-go. Then, when we REALLY start making progress, the value of the new xBLZD should adjust accordingly as it becomes even more deflationary. Now there’s no guarantee that the price will act positively, but while history doesn’t repeat, it often rhymes.

A few other changes will be incoming along with this update.

  • New farming and revised staking pools
  • New multipliers on the existing pools
  • xBLZD emissions will be reduced slightly per block
  • 0.912 for pools
  • 0.088 for project development

New staking pools?

That’s right, Debra, new staking pools. We’ll be leveraging our existing partner network to offer high-yield pools for a limited time. At this point, these pools will be open for 7 or 14 days to encourage participation. We’re also experimenting with the idea of creating locked native staking pools for a fixed APY.

But enough dilly-dallying, check out our new pools and multipliers! 👇

Look at these beautiful numbers!

Here’s what stays the same

We don’t want to rock the boat with these changes, so here’s what’s staying the same.

  • Same front-end design
  • BLZD -> xBLZD at a 1:1 conversion
  • Same development team
  • Same Telegram room and mods
  • Same marketing team, pumping out the updates/memes/contests

Wrap it up for me

So there you have it. The team of techno yeti is hard at work, the rest of the team hasn’t slept in days, and the social media interns are being fed coffee through a series of intravenous tubes. Everything is full steam ahead on the development side, and this was an avalanche of information even for people familiar with the project. Key migration dates and details to be announced in the coming days.

P.S. Did you find our Yeti Egg in this article?


xBlzd Token Contract Address: 0x9a946c3Cb16c08334b69aE249690C236Ebd5583E

Yeti Master Contract Address: 0x367CdDA266ADa588d380C7B970244434e4Dde790

Distribute Reward Contract Address: 0x2C320d3AAC6C5b87BAa92e0290d24e680bD5F544

Timelock: 0x6d75d22C96Acd91bD6B5aBE978Ba1818161aAC86

About Blizzard.Money

Blizzard.Money is a Yield Farming and Staking platform on Binance Smart Chain. We have a dedicated team of experienced Yeti who have been in crypto for years and are firm believers in safe farming. Blizzard is the native token of our platform.

Brave the weather in the farms or hang out in the caves to earn Blizzard. As time goes on, special Blizzard staking pools will appear, which may reward you with other tokens. That is if you didn’t sell your Blizzard already.

When the Yeti has stashed enough deposit fees away, a storm will roll in, and staking pools will appear. Saving your Blizzard until this time will reward you handsomely with BNB, BTCB, ETH, and more. These tokens can be recycled back into the farms or stashed in your own cozy warm cave for later use.





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