Blizzard V2 Migration Details

Hey everyone! What a crazy week it’s been, right? Price action, TVL growing, multiple contest winners announced, our social media accounts getting more followers, etc. Anyway, that’s all, thanks for stopping by!

Just kidding, today we’re laying out our plans for the Blizzard V2 launch in more detail. Since our last Medium article 6 days ago, we have gotten multiple questions in our telegram room aside from the normal “Wen?” So after a meeting with the techno-yetis who are doing all the coding, we have a more detailed game plan for the migration. But first, some details!


Blizzard V1 to V2 migration, baby!

xBlzd Token Contract Address: 0x9a946c3Cb16c08334b69aE249690C236Ebd5583E

Yeti Master Contract Address: 0x367CdDA266ADa588d380C7B970244434e4Dde790

Distribute Reward Contract Address: 0x2C320d3AAC6C5b87BAa92e0290d24e680bD5F544

Timelock: 0x6d75d22C96Acd91bD6B5aBE978Ba1818161aAC86


Launch time: 2 pm UTC (10 am EST) on Thursday. Mark your calendars accordingly.

Gimme that info!

Here’s how it’s all going to work. Since our Masterchef contract doesn’t allow automatic migration, it will be a manual process. But we are going the same route as other projects that have done something similar, i.e., HyperJump, Auto, BillionHappiness, etc.

There are two main steps: swapping your BLZD and then migrating your liquidity. These steps are simple, and veterans on the BSC space should have no problem here. But for those who like things laid out, here’s how it will work on Thursday.

One of our favorite gifs

How to Migrate — Long Version

Do this Thursday, April 8, around 2 PM UTC.
At 2 PM UTC, rewards will end on the current V1 pools. A little before 2 PM UTC or anytime after — unstake your BLZD, BLZD-BNB, BLZD-BUSD, or other LP from or the yield optimizer you are using (Beefy, Supra, Swamp, etc.).

Go to Pancakeswap and Un-LP only your BLZD-BNB or BLZD-BUSD. If you have non BLZD LP, just unstake from v1 and stake it into v2. There are no deposit fees during the first 24 hours of migration — after 24 hours, a 2% deposit fee will go into effect for non BLZD farms. See below for specific steps on each action.

How to: Break apart my BLZD-BNB or BLZD-BUSD LP
1) Make sure you’ve withdrawn your LP from any pool or vault
2) Under PCS Liquidity tab, wait for a while to see if your LP is found. If not, click “Import It” and update the tokens. BLZD address — 0x57067A6BD75c0E95a6A5f158455926e43E79BeB0
3) Once it says “Found,” click the arrow to return to the list of LPs, and you should be able to remove it now.

How to: Migrate BLZD to the new XBLZD after April 8, 2 PM UTC (your old BLZD is burned during this process)
1) Go to
2) Click on the Convert page
3) Click on Approve and approve your transaction
4) Click the Convert button and approve your transaction
5) You now have XBLZD — congratulations.

After you convert — for XBLZD LP
1) Go to Blizzard.Money and click on Trade → Liquidity
2) LP your XBLZD and BNB or XBLZD and BUSD as normal

1) Go to or your yield optimizer, and stake your LP or XBLZD as normal. Yield optimizers may take a while to deploy updated vaults for XBLZD.
2) If you have non BLZD LP, just unstake from v1 and stake it into v2. There are no deposit fees during the first 24 hours of migration.

How to Migrate — Short Version

Item 1 - How to migrate tokens from BLZD to xBLZD

1) Go to (available upon v2 launch)
2) Go to convert page
3) Approve allowance BLZD
4) Click convert and approve transactions
5) xBLZD will be in your wallet

Item 2 — Migrate BLZD LPs to xBLZD LPs

1) Go to (available in v2 launch) site
2) Unstake your LP
3) Go to Pancake Swap and remove BLZD liquidity
4) Exchange BLZD token for xBLZD token (Item 1)
5) Go to Pancake Swap and provide xBLZD liquidity
6) Go to site
7) Stake LP again

Item 3 — Migrate non-native liquidity

1) Go to (available in V2 launch) site
2) Unstake your lp
3) Go to site
4) Stake LP again

And those are all the steps you need to take once V2 goes live. Reading the steps might seem like a lot, but aside from swapping from BLZD to xBLZD, it’s very similar to providing LPs like normal.


The contracts for v2 will be peer-reviewed and re-submitted for the Gemz audit. Submission for further audits will occur after the V2 migration deployment is complete.

V2 Flowchart

After all that explanation, here’s a reminder of how things will work on the backend. For you, the user, the farming/staking remains the same. But behind the scenes, Blizzard is freezing xBLZD with every transaction. This will help with our current issues with inflation and is part of the reason we are going to V2. However, this isn’t the only upgrade V2 is bringing, not by a long shot.

The top part is probably the most relevant to you.

What Else Ya Got?

To make sure the transition goes as smoothly as possible, we will be removing all deposit fees for the first 24 hours of the V2 launch. This means you will be able to stake to your heart’s content without any fees. In fact, if anyone was turned off by the idea of deposit fees in the past, this is your time to ape in! 2% deposit fees on non-native pools will kick back in after the initial 24 hours.

Furthermore, rewards will be stopped for all V1 farms/pools when V2 starts. But don’t worry, if you forget to migrate to V2, we’re letting you do it whenever you want. People may still be recovering from late-night brainstorming social media campaigns or coming up with winter-related catchphrases.

Are We Done Here?

Hardly! All we do here is keep people updated, as our Twitter followers well know. In case you missed it from our last Medium, here are the farms and pools that will be going live with V2, including the emissions schedule. The native farming pools continue to have the highest rewards.

Look, it’s not pretty, but our paws are massive, and it’s hard to type sometimes.

What was the Easter Egg from before?

It was the inclusion of the EGG-BNB farming pool (see the above spreadsheet). Yup, it was a literal EGG. But fear not, we’re working on some new ones for our internet sleuths!

Until next time

Ok, NOW we’re done. As always, we’d like to thank everyone who tweets, replies, or just hangs out in the Telegram. We always strive to stay transparent as communicate effectively to all our lovely users. Our next Medium will likely be a post-launch wrap-up and then talk about our next big moves!

See you next time!

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